The Monochrome Landscape images featured in the slideshow are mainly taken mainly in the South of England, including London. Some images have been taken overseas (New York City and the Caribbean).

My preferred style for Landscape is Black and White, mainly Low Key as it adds drama and impact.

The best time to take Landscape images is during the period of low Sun (Sunrise or Sunset) and generally where the sun is behind or at an angle where the light from the sun is not too harsh on the subject you are photographing.

Some Technical information.

Usually use a 16-35mm F/4 Lens with an aperture size of between F/16-F/22. Whilst I use a Full Frame Camera, a Crop or Mirrorless / Micro 4/3rds is usually sufficient. For Long Exposure work, I use Lee Filters. Mainly the Big Stopper, but will occassionally use one of the Soft Grads depending on the circumstances at the time.

Some of the images are available for sale. If you cannot find the image you like listed, please get in touch.