Short-Eared Owls (Asio Flammeus) are owls with mottled brown bodies, pale under-wings and yellow eyes. In winter, the Short-Eared Owl migrate to the UK from Scandinavian countries to slightly warmer climates in other European countries. The birds are ground bearing birds and are commonly seen hunting during the day. The Short-Eared Owls, like some other Owls, do not fly during rain or high winds.

The Short-Eared Owls are one of my favourite birds, but a pain to photograph during cold chilling winds hitting against the face whilst trying to focus and concentrate on these birds. However, each shot that I take is always a joy and pleasure.

Technical Settings:

Aperture Priority.

Aperture: F/5.6 to F/8.0

Shutter Speed: 1/1600th or faster. However, in some scenarios, slower shutter speed may yield some interesting results. The main aim is to keep the eyes / face sharp. Movement in the wings may add impact to the images.

ISO: 100-1600. Higher settings may be used, depending on whether the camera can effectively handle the noise.

Metering: Evaluative.

Clothing suggestion: Warm and Windproof. Some people recommend looking at Paramo Clothing. However, this is not a personal endorsement of their product, but just an indication of the type of clothing you may need to consider when photographing the Short Eared Owls in open field environment.